Give The Gift Of Wellbeing And Security This Christmas With The SOFIHUB Secure Safety Pendant

Personal Safety Pendant

As summer approaches, people will be outdoors more exploring and adventuring. Especially with time-off over Christmas and New Year, there has never been a better time to gift a SOFIHUB secure. Renowned for being a top-notch personal safety pendant, the SOFIHUB secure allows your loved ones to stay safe.

Whether you simply enjoy a daily walk or are an avid adventurer, the SOFIHUB secure provides a level of safety that goes beyond traditional solutions. Thanks to its technologically advanced 4G tracking system, someone will always know your whereabouts.

Full Peace of Mind on Holidays

Everyone likes to get away for the Christmas break to their favourite local getaway. Though it might only be a couple of hours’ drive, you may still worry about your elderly loved ones at home alone.

With the SOFIHUB secure personal safety pendant, one can have full peace of mind around the safety of a loved one. You won’t have to guess whether they’re at home or on a walk because of the geofencing and GPS tracking feature.

If you’re an older adult that likes to go on walks around your home, you can designate ‘safe’ areas and approved locations. If you wander inside or out of those areas by accident, the pendant will notify your assigned contact. Still, you’ll have the freedom to leave your home worry-free.

Accessible Online Portal

Through SOFIHUB’s online portal, users can see the live location of their loved ones. The online portal can be accessed via a computer or smartphone app, which is very convenient. The app allows you to see where someone is in case they get lost.

Since parents can also have their children wearing the personal safety pendant, this is a must-have product for all ages. By pulling up an app on your phone, parents can ease their worries in a matter of seconds.

2 in 1: Phone and Personal Safety Pendant

If your loved one is too young or old to have a phone, the personal safety pendant can help. The two-way communication device allows each party to make calls to their nominated contact.

The fall detection sensor will also automatically dial an emergency contact number in case of an accident. Similarly, hitting the SOS panic button will initiate a phone call to the assigned contacts.

Additional Convenient Features

Aside from the 4G GPS location tracking, there are also a host of other features to keep the wearer safe. For example, it comes with a charging cradle that gives spoken word reminders about charging the device and wearing it.

In addition to the geofencing of boundary areas, you can also add common routes and paths to the system. You could add the way your children usually take home from school or a hike that your family does near the home.

Give the Gift of Safety

As the weather starts to warm up, people want to leave their homes more often. Let the older adults in your life wander worry-free with secure, the personal safety pendant by SOFIHUB.

You can also gift this pendant to a friend or family member who has an older parent they worry about. Even if they go on vacation, they’ll know that their loved one is safe and that their location is known.

For more information on the SOFIHUB secure, call us at 1300 110 366. We’re happy to answer any questions about our products.