Safety Pendant; The Best Gift Idea To Make Daily Life Easier, Safer, And Stress-free!

personal safety alarm

Whether you’re a grandparent with worried children, an adventure enthusiast, or a parent with a teenager, a personal safety alarm can help you feel safe. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life, why not get them the gift of reassurance?

With a personal safety alarm, your friends and family won’t worry about you so much. Alternatively, you won’t have to worry about them if you know they have a personal safety device like the SOFIHUB secure.

Why a Personal Safety Alarm Is a Great Gift

A personal safety alarm is a device that allows you to alert others if you’re in trouble. For example, if you are hiking and get lost, you can use the SOS button to call for help. The SOFIHUB secure could be a great gift for your adventurous teenagers and kids. It’s black, discreet, and can be worn around the neck, on a keyring, or in one’s pocket.

With its affordable price point, the SOFIHUB secure also makes a great stocking filler. Stocking fillers set the mood for the rest of Christmas morning, and this gift is sure to impress the recipient. What better way to let them know you care than to give them the gift of enhanced safety?

Who Can Use a Personal Alert Device?

Whether you’re getting on in years or are a great outdoor adventurer, the range of SOFIHUB safety pendants is sure to make a difference. The 4G GPS tracking device is reliable for tracking the location of its user.

Parents or guardians can also see the live location of the wearer by checking the online portal. If the teenager or older adult gets lost, falls, or needs help, they can press the SOS button and get help immediately.

Therefore, this personal safety alarm can be used to reassure parents about their child’s whereabouts. Also, seniors can use the device as an emergency communication device in case they fall or injure themselves.

How the SOFIHUB secure Works

Stress is a fact of life, but imagine a portable product that could provide instant help with the push of a button or after detecting a fall. After the SOS panic button is pushed or the fall detection is triggered, an SMS is sent to up to 10 emergency contacts. A two-way phone call then follows the text message. Friends and family can then have a normal conversation through the personal safety alarm as if it were a mobile phone.

The innovative features of SOFIHUB safety pendants also include waterproofing, geofencing, and a charging cradle that gives spoken reminders to the user. These safety pendants are helping more and more people stay independent daily.

Try It Risk-Free

Will you give the gift of safety this Christmas? Feel free to try out the SOFIHUB secure with your children, teenagers, or older parents risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t love it, you can send it back for a full refund.