Unwrap ‘Christmas Gift Anxiety’ With A Safety Pendant For Your Elderly Loved One

emergency pendant for seniors

On Christmas Day, we all love catching up with friends and family and spending time together. But what happens when Grandad or Granny goes home—how do we know they are safe from day-to-day?

This Christmas, you can give them the gift of reassurance and independence with an emergency pendant for seniors. An emergency pendant allows older adults to live at home alone, rather than going to a nursing home. There are a host of other benefits and features of the SOFIHUB beacon, which we’ll discuss in this article.

What Makes the Beacon Emergency Pendant For Seniors Unique

The SOFIHUB beacon is a fully-featured safety pendant that can provide a level of security far beyond its competitors. With a fully accessible online portal that can be accessed via a computer or smartphone app, users can see the live location and location history of their elderly loved ones.

With its top-notch 4G GPS tracking, the beacon can make a significant difference in safety. Thanks to its geofencing capabilities, the user can assign safe areas to the device. If the user travels outside or inside of these designated areas, the emergency contacts will be notified.

Worry-Free Living for Seniors

One reason customers love SOFIHUB’s emergency pendants for seniors is that it gives them a renewed sense of independence. People don’t have to check up on them continually because of this smart device.

With the simple touch of an SOS button, the user can immediately notify their emergency contacts that they need help. There’s also an automatic fall detector, which will also inform the contacts with a text message. After the text message, a phone call is initiated from the device. This allows a two-way conversation between the user and their loved ones to figure out the issue at hand.

Since falls are one of the leading causes of hospital visits in Australia, it’s a serious safety concern for older adults. An emergency pendant for seniors can protect them from severe injuries and mental trauma in the event of a fall. Without the device, they could be injured with nobody knowing about it for hours or even days.

Extra Convenient Features

Though many older adults have safety pendants, many frequently forget to wear them. The SOFIHUB beacon solves this problem with a responsive charging cradle. The cradle gives reminders to the user for charging and wearing the device. This can also provide a sense of companionship for someone living on their own.

Looking for a Christmas Gift?

The SOFIHUB beacon is waterproof, affordable, and straightforward to use. With a GPS tracker, automatic fall detection, and two-way communication, it’s an excellent gift. An emergency pendant for seniors can be a life-saving gift this holiday season.

Children won’t have to worry about their parents getting up in age, and will have greater peace of mind. Seniors can also enjoy the reassurance that having a personal safety alarm brings.

If you’d like to try the SOFIHUB beacon, contact us or use our online checkout system. If you’re not fully satisfied with the product after 60 days, you can return it for a full refund!