The Easy To Use Sofihub Beacon Safety Pendant That Keeps Your Family Connected And Safe

safety pendant for seniors

Whether shopping for family, friends, or co-workers, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. During this holiday period, you can give the gift of reassurance with a safety pendant for seniors. Whether there’s an older adult in your life that lives on their own or a family friend with a grandma or grandpa, a safety pendant is a thoughtful and practical gift.

The SOFIHUB beacon is unlike any other safety pendant for those who could need medical assistance. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes the beacon unique as an emergency safety pendant.

Daily Reminders for Use

Safety pendants for seniors are useful in case of falls and other types of injuries. However, close to 80% of seniors who own a safety pendant forget to wear it multiple times per month. One thing that makes the SOFIHUB beacon unique is the daily reminders for wearing and charging.

The charging cradle gives spoken word reminders to charge and wear the device daily. That way, its owner will always be prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

Peace of Mind for Older Adults

An overwhelming amount of emergency visits are due to an older adult having a fall. If an accident happens while someone is home alone, it could be days before someone finds them.

The SOFIHUB safety pendant for seniors has an SOS panic button, as well as a fall detection sensor. When either of these is activated, the device sends an SMS to the assigned emergency contact.

After the text message is sent, a live call swiftly follows. These features ensure that the person who falls gets help right away.

Geofencing Safety Pendant For Seniors

As people get older, certain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s can cause memory loss and a decline in cognitive thinking. That’s why older people sometimes wander outside of their homes unknowingly.

This safety pendant for seniors addresses the issue of dementia with geofencing. Select safe areas are assigned to the device, and the emergency contact is notified if the user travels inside or outside of them.

Through SOFIHUB’s online portal, approved friends and family members can also see the live location of the user. Being able to track the location of your loved one provides peace of mind and assurance.

More Than a Safety Pendant

Aside from its convenient fall detection and SOS panic button, the beacon also functions as mobile with two-way communication. Since some older adults prefer not to have mobile phones, the safety pendant for seniors also serves as a means of communication.

The user can call friends and family with the device just like with a regular mobile phone. They can have a two-way conversation without the complication of a touch screen. Unlike phones, the safety pendant is also waterproof and extremely durable.

Looking for more information? Don’t hesitate to contact the SOFIHUB team at 1300 110 366. We’re happy to let you test the beacon for 60 days, and let you return it no questions asked if you’re not satisfied with the product.