How a Smart Sensor Can Aid Someone with a Disability

How a Smart Sensor Can Aid Someone with a Disability

From young teenagers to older adults, everyone desires to be independent, feel free, and live a healthy life. However, sometimes certain life events can prevent our happiness. For example, people that have been in accidents may not be able to function fully by themselves. Older adults may need a live-in nurse to help them with daily tasks.

However, what if a technological device allowed you to live independently even if you have a disability, condition, or are aging? In this article, we’ll discuss how a smart sensor can be the perfect solution for people with a disability to live independently.

Case Study: 14-year-old John

John is a young 14-year-old living with a traumatic brain injury. Each day, he has many chores he needs to do before school and needs constant reminders from his mum to get these done on time. Because of this, there’s a lot of friction between John and his mum. She’s always at him to get a move on, and he craves independence and normalcy.

When the family invested in the SOFIHUB home smart sensor system, tensions started to ease. John keeps the hub in his room, and now all the reminders come via SOFIHUB. This means John gets the nudges he needs and his relationship with mum is back where it should be.

Thanks to the SOFIHUB home, John gets reminders about brushing his teeth, getting dressed, and other daily tasks from the device. He can maintain his independence and dignity without his mum having to help him with every little thing.

How the SOFIHUB Smart Sensor Works

The SOFIHUB home comprises eight motion sensors and a hub that remains in a central part of the house. It uses smart technology and audio reminders to help its users maintain their daily routines.

Helpful Alerts & Reminders

By monitoring movement with motion sensors, it can detect changes in behaviour. The device then issues an alert depending on the context.

It also sends alerts to emergency contacts and caretakers about changes in routines and behaviours. The main reasons for alerts are if the person is late going to bed, late waking up, or takes a long time in the bathroom.

Easy Communication

The built-in speakerphone allows for two-way communication between the user and their emergency contacts. Carers can also send text to voice messages to the device through the app or online portal. These messages can be instant or scheduled. For example, the caretaker can set reminders about taking medication, doctor appointments, and more.

Try SOFIHUB home Today!

Connection with your loved ones is priceless. If you have someone you love living with a disability, you can help them achieve daily tasks with a smart sensor device.

By sending them voice messages through the online portal or app, communication has never been easier. Bring your whole family closer together with the SOFIHUB home today.

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