Get Protected with Personal Safety Devices

Get Protected with Personal Safety Devices

Personal safety devices are tools to help people feel safer in their homes. They’re designed to help the user get immediate assistance in an emergency like a fall, stroke, or another worst-case scenario.

This article will talk about the best personal safety devices on the market and the features you should look for. We’ll also discuss who can benefit from a personal protection device in their home.

The Best Personal Safety Devices

Sofihub Home
One of the best and most unique personal safety devices on the market is the Sofihub home, an intelligent digital concierge. The home device consists of a central hub and eight motion sensors placed around the house. When any unusual activity is detected, the carers and family members can be notified.

Three Key Routines
The Sofihub home primarily watches for a regular bedtime, waking up time, and time spent using the bathroom. If an irregularity is detected, it could mean the user is having a medical emergency like a fall, stroke, or seizure. The device then messages the user via the online app if everything is okay. If they don’t respond, the device alerts the emergency contacts, who can then initiate a voice call with the user.

Other Useful Features
Some other features include morning greetings, reminders for taking medications, and customisable text to voice messages from carers. The Sofihub home works as a two-way device to give caretakers peace of mind and users the ability to live independently. Carers can simply use the online hub to create personalised reminders for the user.

New ‘Event Rules’ Feature

The Sofihub home has an exciting new feature called ‘Event Rules.’ This feature means we can let you know when a sensor is triggered or when your space is occupied. Simply create a new rule, let us know what should trigger that rule, and we’ll let you know via email or SMS when it’s activated.

You can use ‘Event Rules’ to be notified if someone enters or leaves the house if a sensor is placed above the front or back doors. If you go away on holiday, you can set it up so that Sofihub home lets you know if it sees movement at home.

In this way, the Sofihub home also doubles as a basic alarm system to provide peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Who Can Use a Personal Safety Device?

Though the mind immediately thinks of elderly adults needing personal safety devices, a broad range of people can use them. Indeed, older adults will significantly benefit from a tool like the Sofihub home if an accident like a fall happens.

However, other people living with medical conditions such as epilepsy, a disorder where someone is prone to seizure, can also use this device. If someone feels an attack about to happen, they can use the Sofihub home to call for help. People living with children who are sometimes left home alone could also use this device for peace of mind.

Overall, personal safety devices are a wise investment for any family seeking a bit of extra security and protection. To find out more about Sofihub’s safety devices, call us at 1300 110 366, and our team will be happy to answer your questions.

JB Hi-Fi and Aidacare now sell the Sofihub beacon in their stores allowing our products to be more accessible than ever.

JB Hi-Fi
The Sofihub home is conveniently available in selected stores and all Sofihub’s products are available via JB Hi-Fi’s online store now.

Aidacare also sells Sofihub’s products in-store and online as well.