Find the Best GPS Tracker on the Market

Find the Best GPS Tracker on the Market

The Surburban Jogger

There is a new animal that roams the city during the early hours of the morning when most of us are asleep in bed: the Suburban Jogger. They’re curious beings usually oblivious to the world around them—courtesy of their white earbuds.

Running at a swift pace, you could easily assume that they have no fears. Alas, that is not the case. During the past year alone, there have been multiple times when joggers have fallen victim to attacks. Many women, regardless of their age, have been followed by people in cars or been catcalled while jogging.

Even in a relatively safe country like Australia, there can be dangerous people on the streets. This reality brings in the need for a personal safety tool like the best GPS tracker you can find.

Avoid Attacks with the Best GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a simple yet effective tool the suburban jogger can use to keep themselves safe. The SOFIHUB secure is a personal safety pendant that tracks the user’s location as they run, hike, or do other activities outside.

The user can add up to ten emergency contacts to the device, who will be contacted as soon as the SOS button is activated. Simultaneously, the device sends the user’s location and an SMS to the emergency contacts. Because it’s connected to anywhere with 3G or 4G coverage, the user will be protected nearly anywhere they go.

Since there’s a built-in speakerphone, following the SMS alert a two-way voice call is made so the user can have a hands-free call with their loved one. Without any complications, your loved one will be on the line with you in case of an emergency.

FAQs for the Best GPS Tracker

How does the live GPS location feature work?
When you get the SOFIHUB secure, you also have access to the SOFIHUB online portal. You and your loved ones will get a login and password to access the portal. Once logged in, you can see live GPS location updates that show the user’s exact location and location history via a computer or free iOS or Android smartphone app.

Is the SOFIHUB secure waterproof?
Yes, the secure pendant can be dropped in up to a meter of water. Users can also bring it into the shower with them for extra peace of mind.

How does the two-way calling work?
Since the device is connected to the 3G or 4G network with an internal sim card, it can do two-way phone calls. The sim card costs $25.00 monthly, which covers all data and calling on the device.


Finding the best GPS tracker can be an important mission for people worried about their loved ones and children. The SOFIHUB secure is the perfect wearable pendant for those who want to run, hike, and adventure ‘off the grid.’ Even when the suburban jogger runs without their phone, they’ll be just a button away from help.

If you’re ready to try the SOFIHUB secure, you can order today through the online store. The SOFIHUB secure can also be found at JB Hi-Fi, Aidacare, and other stores near you. For more information, feel free to contact us at 1300 110 366.

We have a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free! If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund.