Embracing Personal Alarm Systems

personal alarm systems

The Need for Personal Alarm Systems Technology

In the past, getting older and embracing technology have been at opposite ends of the spectrum— this is changing. Let’s pause for a moment and think of those people in their 20’s who embraced the internet upon its debut almost 40 years ago. Now, those same people entering their 60’s have a much higher level of understanding and desire to embrace new things. If you’ve embraced technology in the past, you may realise that personal alarm systems are essential to our safety. Especially for the aging population, a personal alarm system can be someone’s saviour when they need it most.

What is SOFIHUB?

SOFIHUB is a CARETEQ company that began in 2016 with a meeting of minds. Today, it has grown into a company that has developed a market-leading device to transform the aged care sector. The main products that SOFIHUB produces are the SOFIHUB home, SOFIHUB beacon, and SOFIHUB secure. These products are helping countless people to take back control of their safety and independence.

The mission of SOFIHUB and CARETEQ is to create assisted-living technology products. It’s no secret that we need assistance to continue living safely and comfortably as we get older. Instead of living in an aged care home, older adults can live in their own house for longer.

The Best Personal Alarm Systems

Benefits of the SOFIHUB Home

The SOFIHUB home is a full-service digital concierge that can be installed in your house. It comes with eight motion sensors placed in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other key areas of the home.

Intelligent Motion Sensors
The idea of the sensors is to record motion so that they can determine the users’ usual routines. For example, if a user usually goes to bed at 9 PM, and one day doesn’t go to bed until 11 PM, the device will report an abnormality.

The alert goes to one of the caregivers assigned by the user, prompting them to check-in. If the first carer doesn’t respond, the device automatically continues to the second and third contacts. That way, the user is covered even if their first contact misses the alert.

Medication Reminders
One of the primary responsibilities of aged care homes is to make sure their residents take their medication. With the SOFIHUB home, residents can be reminded by the device to take their medication and attend appointments.

If they forget to take their medication, SOFIHUB will gently nudge with a spoken word reminder Alternatively, the carer can check the online portal to see behaviour insights. Being able to see the timeline of activity can help put worried loved ones at ease.


Personal alarm systems are cutting-edge technology that makes assisted living easier. Now, older adults can live with more dignity and independence than ever before. The SOFIHUB is an investment for one’s physical and mental health as it equips them to live on their own.

If you have any questions about the SOFIHUB home, please contact us by filling out the online form on our website. If you’re ready to invest in the SOFIHUB home, you can find it at a JB Hi-Fi or an Aidacare store near you.