Travel Locally and Stay Safe With The SOFIHUB GPS Alarm

GPS alarm

Dealing with a case of wanderlust? Us too! As the rest of the world starts to open up, it looks like travel for Australians will remain only within the country. Lucky for us we live in a country touting endless opportunities for adventure. From desert to forest to ocean, Australia has something for everyone. With adventure, however, comes the need for safety precautions. For all of you getting the itch to hit the road this year, we have you covered with places to explore and ways to keep you safe.


GPS alarm

Setting out on a trip is full of excitement, but be sure to keep your safety in mind. The SOFIHUB secure is a 4G GPS alarm that tracks your location no matter how far you roam. With two-way voice calling, it allows loved ones to check in with you as needed and provides a level of security over and above a traditional mobile phone.

Accidents are never something we want to happen, but it is always best to be prepared. Built with a built-in accelerometer, the SOFIHUB secure is equipped to quickly detect falls instantly, making it the perfect partner for any adrenaline junkies out there.

Adventuring in the unknown is exactly that – the unknown. We hope for only positive experiences, but should you be met with any uncomfortable situations, the GPS alarm allows you to quickly alert up to ten emergency contacts with just a push of the SOS button. Hit the road with fewer worries by carrying the lightweight and portable SOFIHUB secure on your next escapade.

A Trip to Tasmania

If you still have never visited our island sibling, Tasmania, now is the perfect opportunity! Just keep in mind that quarantine rules will vary based on which airport you fly in from. Once there, the island is full of possibilities for exploration and fun! Take a hike in Cradle Mountain or Freycinet National Park and soak up those beautiful mountain peak views. Secure your safety and be sure to take your SOFIHUB GPS alarm along for the trek. More into wine than hikes? Visit the Tamar Valley to sip on some award-winning Sauvignon Blanc.

The Natural Wonder

Named one of the 7 wonders of the world, it would be a shame for any Australian not to visit the Great Barrier Reef. With turquoise water, colourful coral, and thousands of species of fish, the reef will leave you enchanted. Grab your snorkelling gear and enjoy a trip you are not soon to forget. Bring along the SOFIHUB secure on this adventure and rest assured knowing this waterproof GPS alarm will hold up in even the wettest of conditions.

Head West

With 80% of the Australian population living on the east coast, why not pop over and visit our neighbours out west in Perth. This rugged coastline makes a perfect getaway. Whether you want to surf big breaks, swim in beautiful beaches, peruse the trendy restaurants, or search for wildlife, Perth has got it all.

Where to Find SOFIHUB secure GPS Alarm

Covid has come with its drawbacks, but one positive is the opportunity to explore more of our beautiful and diverse country! Wherever you choose to go, take the SOFIHUB secure along with you to ensure a safe and fun trip for all.

To find out more about SOFIHUB secure explore the resources on the SOFIHUB website. You’ll find informational brochures, a frequently asked question section, and more. SOFIHUB secure can also be found at JB Hi-Fi, Aidacare, Officeworks and other stores near you.