Two Years Later and the SOFIHUB home Has “Taken a Tremendous Worry off Our Shoulders” – Madonna Galloway

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When it comes to our loved ones, we all want peace of mind. The SOFIHUB home has helped provide that assurance for Australian families across the country. We love to hear real stories from our SOFIHUB family about how this device has positively impacted their lives, so today we share the story of Madonna Galloway and her elderly mother, Fay.

Two years ago, after seeing her mother’s memory slowly fading, Madonna decided to purchase the SOFIHUB home to place in her mother’s home. She hoped the device would help with everything from medication reminders to staying connected with the whole family.

Our team reached out to her a few months later to see how her family and her mother were going with the SOFIHUB home and more recently to make sure all was still going well. Here is the two-year story of their combined experience with the SOFIHUB home.

Why the SOFIHUB home?
medication reminders

Madonna Galloway’s mother Fay, was 91 years old and living alone when they initially purchased the SOFIHUB home. After seeing a decline in her mother’s memory, Galloway decided to try out the SOFIHUB home. The whole family, and especially her mother, have been astounded by the positive impact it has made on their lives.

The First Check-In

A few months after purchasing the SOFIHUB home, Madonna shared her and her 91-year-old mother’s experience. One of their favourite parts about the device is its ability to keep her mother in touch with family members. Madonna noted the effect a message had on her mother by explaining, “she was absolutely chuffed & full of smiles as she heard a message from one of my sisters”. The ability to send text to voice messages to your loved ones through the device is one of the most endearing features and keeps all family members involved, no matter the distance.

As their mother lives alone, they also worry about her day to day activity. Madonna appreciates the motion sensor’s ability to sense when her mother “is up & moving about in her home, so we all find it extremely reassuring”. Should a fall or unusual activity occur, the SOFIHUB home will alert an emergency contact.

Another feature that Madonna particularly enjoys about the SOFIHUB home is the ability to send reminders to her mother. In particular, the feature that allows medication reminders to be set up so her mother is always alerted when it’s time to take her medication. She also uses it to remind her mother of family members’ birthdays, the daily time to put her feet up to reduce swelling, and when to prepare for care workers coming to the home. Keeping track of these things became more difficult for the mother, but the SOFIHUB home ensures that her mum never forgets.

The Second Check-In

Two years after purchase, Madonna Galloway and her now 92-year-old mother are still thrilled with the help and assurance the SOFIHUB home provides to their family. She noted that it has “definitely taken a tremendous worry off our shoulders”.

They still use the reminder feature to regularly program different alerts from birthdays to medication reminders. This helps ensure that their mother stays up to date on all of her appointments and prescriptions; in turn ensuring her health and well-being.

Madonna also loves that she can track her mother’s movements throughout the day. Sometimes her mother forgets to charge her phone, which leaves the family unable to contact her. Having the SOFIHUB home “is an alternative means to contact her and saves us driving to her [home] to check on everything”.

Stay Connected, no matter what, with the SOFIHUB home.

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If you have a loved one that needs support – whether that is medication reminders or fall security, the SOFIHUB home is the antidote to all your worries.

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