Alert Pendant for Seniors – Helping You Stay Active and Safe When Exercising

alert pendant for seniors

Getting older comes with a lot of changes. However, it doesn’t mean that exercise has to stop. In fact, it is as important as ever for the elderly to keep moving; helping them maintain independence, decreasing health risks, and speeding up the recovery time from illness or injury. Keeping fit is important, but we know it comes with its challenges and concerns. Luckily, there is the SOFIHUB beacon. This best in a class alert pendant for seniors gives peace of mind in ensuring you can stay fit while staying safe. Read on for some barriers that keep seniors from staying active, the benefits of exercise, and some ideas for staying active at any age with the SOFIHUB beacon.

Common Barriers

alert pendant for seniors

Many elderly people know that they should prioritise their fitness but can face certain barriers that may make it more of a challenge. As one gets older, one may be more prone to falls and accidents, which can prevent some seniors from wanting to go on walks farther from home.

However, with the SOFIHUB beacon, senior citizens can travel farther by foot with complete peace of mind, as this 3G/4G alert pendant for seniors can keep them safe. Should they fall while on the walk, the SOFIHUB beacon will immediately send a fall alert to up to 10 emergency contacts which will include their location. With two-way hands-free calling, loved ones can reach you to see if everything is okay or if further emergency help is needed.

If your loved one prefers yoga, the treadmill, or other in-home workouts, there still may be a fear of accidents. The SOFIHUB beacon is the perfect antidote to any safety concerns, whether indoors or out.

The SOS message can be sent from anywhere and this alert pendant for seniors is even waterproof, making it accessible in all conditions. Formal or non-formal carers such as family or friends can access live location data at any time via the SOFIHUB portal which can be accessed by computer or smartphone app allowing for completely non-invasive care. Let the SOFIHUB beacon take care of your safety, so you can take care of your health.

Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly:

alert pendant for seniors

Muscle strength and toning – As we age, muscles tend to get smaller and weaker. However, studies have shown that this shrinking is not due to age, but rather an inactive lifestyle. With proper exercise, senior citizens can regain and build muscle strength.

Heart health – Regular and moderate cardiovascular exercise can improve heart health and function in the elderly. With a properly functioning heart, the rest of the body can stay healthy too.

Joints – Many older people complain of joint pain. Things that were once simple, like walking up the stairs or sitting down, suddenly become difficult. Regular exercise can help with this problem by keeping the joints agile. As they say, motion is the lotion!

Maintaining a healthy weight – We all know the health issues that can arise from obesity, causing heart disease and diabetes. As we age, it is important to maintain a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise.

Staying Active at Any Age

Alert Pendant for Seniors
Stuck on ideas for getting started? Some great activities for the elderly are walking, gentle yoga, gardening, swimming, and dancing. Take a group class for some added socialisation, but be sure to always bring along your SOFIHUB beacon for solo workouts.

Maintain your health and independence at every age with the SOFIHUB beacon.

To find out more about the SOFIHUB beacon explore the resources on the SOFIHUB website. You’ll find informational brochures, a frequently asked question section, and more. SOFIHUB secure can also be found at Aidacare, Amazon, Officeworks and other stores near you.