Patient Monitoring: Why Medihotels are the Best Solutions in 2021

patient monitoring

Medihotels provide accommodation and hotel services for self-caring patients accessing acute hospital services. As a substitute for multi-day admitted inpatient care, Medihotels ease the transition between the community and acute care and help patients to access hospital services.

What are the Benefits/ Functions of Medihotels?

  • Provide high-quality, accommodation and hotel services that mirror the environment and character of a hotel whilst providing medical care.
  • Medihotels are usually situated within or close to a hospital.
  • Are accessed on referral from clinical, symptomatic and other hospital units following a screening process.
  • Provide supervision and support for patients.
  • Ensure access to pre-established care similar to that generally available within the hospital community.

Who Are Medihotels Meant For?

Medihotels are meant for mobile parents who are self-caring and can take control of their medications. Medihotels patients need minimum to no supervision and do not require overnight inpatient supervision. That said, patients with the following conditions can be put under medihotels:

  • Those that cover long distances to access acute services, particularly those living in rural areas.
  • Those who require access to acute hospital services for examination, treatment or clinical checkup over a series of days.
  • Those requiring overnight accommodation before next-day acute care admission, day procedure, or next-day review following surgical intervention.

Why is Medihotels a Good Idea for Patient Monitoring?

So why are more people considering medihotels as a good idea for patient monitoring?

1. It’s a non-hospital environment

Admissions are for patients who no longer require full-scale hospital treatment but aren’t yet ready to get back home. Furthermore, medihotels can help patients recover in comfort, with family members and loved ones close by in a convenient location, especially in the Medi-hotel.

2. Reduces Stress and Solves Bed Shortage Issues

Hospital beds are in demand. Transferring patients to a nearby medihotel is one of the best ways to free up beds. And when that’s done, there’s a decrease in waiting time in emergency departments.

3. It’s Being Part of a Community

Medi-hotels are positioned to be a central part of a community dedicated to improving health and well-being.

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