Fall Alert Device – More Than Just a Buzzer

fall alert devices

Fall alert devices – Improved medical care and public health services have dramatically increased life expectancy. By 2050 the percentage of those over 60 years of age will nearly double – from 12% to 22%.

And with more people choosing to live independently well into their twilight years, their risk of falls is elevated.

Falling is a serious health risk for older people and can result in broken bones and brain injuries.

Falls that go undetected can even lead to dehydration, hypothermia not to mention the impact on mental health.

As per statistics reported by the CDC:

  • Each year, at least 3 million older people are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries every year
  • Each year at least 300,000 older people are hospitalised for hip fractures
  • More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways

While wearables and safety pendants enable the elderly to alert emergency care providers, and some can even call for help automatically, seniors occasionally require assistance that extends beyond fall detection.

For example:

  • Their vital parameters could breach predefined thresholds
  • Those in cognitive decline could wander away from their rooms and not return

There’s so much that could go wrong when it comes to seniors, especially when they aren’t being monitored continuously.

But what if technology could provide us with a fall alert device that automatically monitors residents in care facilities and alerts caregivers and/or family members in the event of an emergency?

And do so without invading the privacy of residents or limiting their mobility?

Luckily for us, SOFIHUB has just what we need.

eazense Powered by SOFIHUB is a passive, real-time falls detection system for the elderly based on new unique radar sensor technology with AI.

This groundbreaking radar sensor offers live falls and presence detection across multiple occupants in a room without the need for a wearable.

Here’s what this radar sensor does:

    • Constantly tracks body position
    • Provides live fall detection (including low impact falls) and detects the presence of multiple occupants in a room without the need for a wearable
    • Detects, records, and logs activity in a room, from live fall detection to irregular movement without using cameras

eazense works quietly in the background and requires no maintenance, management or interaction. Its power requirements are minimal and function unobtrusively, as a smoke alarm would.

It is fully automatic and contactless and does not need to be recharged. New features can also be added which helps you retain the same device instead of upgrading it for a newer model.

Fall alert devices such as eazense do far more than just buzz for help.

fall alert devices

Its cutting-edge radar technology enables the elderly to live independently and confidently, knowing that help will be rushed to them in the event of an emergency, such as a slip or fall.

Visit SOFIHUB to know more about eazense.