Choosing The Right Safety Pendant Alarm For Your Loved One

personal safety pendant

Choosing Personal Safety Pendant Alarms

How many people do you know who can drive a tractor, a car, and a lawnmower at 91?

Gippsland’s Jack Thorpe can.

personal safety pendant

Jack owns and works on a 120-acre cattle farm, and while he is in good health, he requires medication for minor ailments, as one would expect of someone in their 90s.

Operating a hydraulic woodcutter is no effortless task even for younger people. Recently Sue, Jack’s daughter, was helping him split wood and suggested he take a rest. Unknown to Sue, while on his way back to the house, Jack fell and couldn’t get to his feet.

Sue couldn’t hear or see Jack fall to the ground as she was on the other side, with earmuffs on, protecting her from the noise of the hydraulic woodcutter.

Minutes later, in the distance, Sue could see Jim (their cousin) and John (her brother) come rushing down in their utes and go over to the wood heap where Jack was lying. Sue ran around to the other side to see her father lying helplessly on the ground.

Was it just plain good luck that Jim and John were passing by?

Not really. The Secure safety pendant was what saved Jack.

This small, lightweight personal safety pendant has a built-in accelerometer that instantly detects falls and sends text alerts to a preset emergency contact list. A two-way call follows all emergency alerts to ensure the safety of the user.

The Secure sent a text message to Jack’s emergency contacts (John and Jim) alerting them that Jack had fallen or was in trouble.

Falling is a serious health risk for older people and can cause broken bones and brain injuries.

Each year at least 300,000 older people find themselves in hospital with hip fractures. Falling sideways causes 95% of these falls.

Falls that go undetected can even lead to dehydration and hypothermia.

Although there isn’t a shortage of wearable safety pendants that can detect and alert caregivers in case of falls… Seniors have needs that require much more than the basic alerting functionality.

The Secure fulfils these demands with several unique features.

It is a 4G GPS tracking device that ensures the safety of seniors with fall alerts, live tracking, geofencing zones and two-way calls.

This personal safety pendant, combined with the SOFIHUB portal, tracks the user’s location at all times, giving family members and caregivers complete peace of mind.

Users can adjust the built-in accelerometer for their individual needs. In case of a fall or an emergency, the SOS button alerts up to ten emergency contacts via SMS, followed by a two-way call.

Secure’s two-way communication feature allows friends and family to call their loved ones just as if they were calling from a mobile phone.

Durable waterproofing material keeps the unit secure up to 3.3 feet underwater, making it ideal for use in the shower. The charging cradle offers spoken word reminders to charge and wear the device, which ensures that help is just a push-button away.

While all the above are compelling reasons to invest in the Secure, its unique geofencing feature allows seniors to roam freely without constant supervision.

The geofencing solution benefits caregivers and family members in the following ways:

  • It tracks seniors remotely
  • It sets digital boundaries for patients to save time and caregiving resources. In addition, they receive real-time notifications about the whereabouts of their loved ones
  • Secure configures safe zones to outline specific routes, such as the path that seniors take on their daily walks
  • Secure notifies a designated caregiver via their mobile app when a senior leaves a safety zone, allowing them to reach their patient quickly

Geofencing can also create safe zones for children on their way to and from school, hiking trails, and routes for people who need to be monitored regularly.

Choosing the right safety alarm for your loved one needn’t be a stressful experience anymore. Personal safety pendants, such as the Secure, give seniors the independence they want without invading their privacy.

Family members can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are safe and reachable in an emergency.

Visit SOFIHUB to know more about Secure.