How CARETEQ is Transforming Aged Care

emergency alarm for elderly

CARETEQ is an Australian company that is responsible for delivering world-class technology solutions for Health and Aged Care, nationally and on a global scale.

With 16% of the population (4.2 million) over the age of 65, Australia like any other country is growing older.

A quarter of this population lives alone and over 200,000 depend upon Government-funded aged care services.

Though old and frail, the last thing many seniors want is to be a burden to their family members and impinge upon their privacy. And although this forms the basis for their decision to move to retirement communities, living with dignity and freedom, is what they cherish most.

With their suite of emergency alarms, radar-based falls detection and assisted-living technologies for the elderly, CARETEQ is transforming aged care by giving seniors the freedom and confidence to live independently, while reducing their reliance on family or professional carers.


This ambient assistive living technology helps the elderly adhere to daily routines and positive health practices via spoken word reminders.

It consists of a centrally placed hub (generally in the lounge or kitchen) and eight motion sensors placed around the home.

Home doesn’t require the resident to learn or do anything new. It non-intrusively monitors the person’s movements throughout the day, identifies patterns and alerts external carers of a key routine is missed.

It is simple to set up and does not require an internet connection to function. All it requires is a connection to the SOFIHUB cloud portal, which is accomplished through the use of a 4G SIM card.

Programming the Home for a fixed set of routines and reminders via the SOFIHUB cloud portal takes only a few minutes.

Key routines look something like this:

  • Time to sleep – 10.00pm to 12.00am
  • Wake-up time in the morning – 7.00 am to 9.00 am
  • Time spent in the bathroom at any one time – 45 mins

Home uses spoken word reminders to safeguard users so they spend more time than usual on any activity. For example, if they wake up an hour later than usual, Home prompts them to press the button on top of the device to confirm that they are fine. If there’s no response after a third reminder, Home sends a text message to caregivers and family members requesting that they check on the person.

Missing medication is almost impossible with the Home.

Using sensors placed in medicine cabinets, the Home verbally reminds the person to open the cabinet at the appointed time, if they have forgotten to do so at a pre-determined time.

Text-to-Voice messaging

allows carers and family members to stay in touch by sending text messages that are read aloud instantly or at a scheduled time.

An emergency alarm for the elderly like the Home allows seniors to live independently without letting technology get in the way.

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This small, lightweight personal safety pendant is a 4G GPS tracking device with advanced features like fall alerts, live tracking, geofencing zones and two-way calls.

A built-in accelerometer detects falls and the SOS button can alert up to ten contacts via SMS, followed by a two-way voice call.

Two-way communication allows family and friends to call their loved ones as if they were calling from a mobile phone.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Secure is its geofencing solution that can track seniors remotely, set digital boundaries and safe zones, and notify caregivers and family members via a mobile app when their loved ones stray off the designated path.

With an emergency alarm for the elderly like the Secure, family members and caregivers can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are safe and reachable in an emergency.

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eazense Powered by SOFIHUB:

eazense is a passive, real-time falls detection system for the elderly based on unique radar sensor technology.

The average age of retirement village residents is now 80, up from 55, twenty years ago. Residents today demand greater levels of physical care besides help with washing and grooming. As they grow older, their mobility and gait suffer, increasing their risk of falling.

This increase in care demand places additional strain on Australia’s already overburdened aged care infrastructure.

Overworked caregivers have little time to closely monitor residents. As a result, some falls go unnoticed, potentially leading to dehydration and hypothermia.

eazense is a welcome relief for aged care facilities that are struggling with staff shortages, low pay scales, and a lack of funding.

The following are the benefits of using eazense:

  • Provides live fall detection (including low-impact falls)
  • Detects, records, and logs activity in a room, including whether seniors are in bed when they should be and if seniors have left their room and not returned

An emergency alarm for the elderly, like eazense, allows care to be provided when it matters. This reduces caregiver requirements, resulting in significantly lower healthcare costs.

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With their 360-degree approach towards providing technological solutions to the aged care industry, CARETEQ offers low impact, but highly effective solutions that support independent living wherever seniors choose to reside – at home or in aged care facilities across Australia.

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