Three Reasons to Install a Personal Alarm System For Your Residents

personal alarm system for elderly

Sandra couldn’t believe her father was being mistreated.

personal alarm system for elderly

She’d spent a lot of money to get him into what she thought was one of the best-aged care facilities in Australia, but the experience shocked her.

According to her father, caregivers slapped and beat him, denied him food for hours, and didn’t take him to the toilet, which resulted in him soiling himself.

Now, there are cases of negligence and abuse, some of which is even caught on camera, but the media rarely highlights the acts of selfless service that aged care workers perform in their line of duty.

While we should penalize care facilities that disrespect their residents, it would be remiss not to take a deeper look at the pressures faced by aged care homes every single day.

As seniors age, they are more likely to develop illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac problems, and as a result, need close monitoring and treatment when their health parameters breach thresholds.

However, a majority of caregivers lack the training to deliver such high levels of care. The absence of quality training, low pay scales and limited opportunities for career progression often leave them frustrated, causing many of them to resign. And hiring new workers isn’t easy when seemingly less stressful jobs are available in related fields of work.

Overworked caregivers are further burdened by administrative duties and rarely find the time to drop in for a friendly chat.

This lack of attention sometimes upsets the morale of residents, many of whom came in expecting high levels of care and comfort. Some of them feel isolated and depressed, which can lead to violent outbursts and can even force them to consider leaving the home in search of a ‘better’ one.

If things look bad, they’re likely to get worse going by the results of a McCrindle survey that shows there will be only five workers for every retired couple in 2050.

Now, standardised training and imposing minimum staff-to-patient ratios could improve the situation, but doing so could increase Federal Government funding from its already hefty $18 billion annually.

So, what is the solution to the seemingly never-ending list of issues confronting aged care homes and their residents?

Is there anything that can help residents live out their golden years in happiness and dignity?

The answer is “Technology” … and it comes in the form of the TEQ-FallsAlert – a radar-based falls detection solution for the elderly.

TEQ-FallsAlert Powered by SOFIHUB, is a passive, real-time falls detection system care monitor for seniors and is based on unique radar sensor technology with AI.

Here are three reasons to install the TEQ-FallsAlert for aged care residents:

It allows caregivers to rush aid to residents when needed

As seniors age, they grow more fragile and are prone to falling. Falling is a serious health risk for older people and can cause broken bones and brain injuries. Undetected falls can even lead to dehydration and hypothermia.

According to CDC data:

  • Emergency rooms see at least 3 million older people brought in for fall injuries every year
  • Each year approximately 300,000 older people end up in hospital for hip fractures, more than 95% of which are caused by falling sideways.

TEQ-FallsAlert passively monitors residents without requiring them to wear or do anything, and instantly detects and notifies caregivers in case of falls (including low-impact falls) … giving them the confidence that caregivers will rush help to them in an emergency.

This personal alarm system for elderly residents additionally detects, records, and logs activity in a room without the use of cameras, and alerts caregivers if seniors leave the room and do not return on time, or do not go to bed on time.

TEQ-FallsAlert alerts caregivers in the event of an anomaly, reducing the need for ongoing monitoring.

Reduces the chances of seniors leaving the facility

TEQ-FallsAlert frees up caregivers’ time by allowing them to provide assistance when it is most needed. As a result, caregivers can spend more time with residents, making seniors feel more cared for and less neglected.

Empowered caregivers care more deeply for residents rather than treating them as bodies that need to be washed and cleaned. Residents who are happier are less likely to consider leaving the aged care facility in search of alternative housing, saving them heartache and stress.

A personal alarm system elderly residents, such as TEQ-FallsAlert, transform aged care facilities from places to simply live out one’s life to thriving, happy homes that allow seniors to regain their independence and dignity.

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