Empowering Aged Care Workers with eazense

Aged care systems rely on the ability of aged care workers to cope with the demands placed on them. But with the chronic staff shortages that are continuing to worsen in the industry, aged care workers always have days when they work to their limits. 

So how can we help to alleviate the pressure and create more efficiency for our aged care workers to provide an adequate level of care for our elderly and at-risk people? The answer lies in new technology innovations. 

Supporting aged care workers has never been more critical

Many aged care workers were already burnt out before the pandemic, and the past two years have become a breaking point, with many aged care workers deciding to leave the sector in droves. 

That’s why it’s so important to do what we can to support and empower aged care workers to be able to provide a decent level of care to our aging population. New technology like eazense aims to do just that. 

Introducing eazense: AI to empower aged care workers 

eazense is a passive, real-time falls detection and prevention system for people living in residential aged care. eazense is based on unique radar sensor technology driven by AI.

Compared to traditional falls monitoring systems, eazense can save aged care workers hours of time and increase staff engagement. This is because eazense has a superior falls detection radar which can detect live falls from beds as well as from a standing position. 

Unlike older live monitoring systems, eazense saves aged care workers time because they no longer have to respond to false alarms. This also in turn reduces aged care workers’ complacency; when the eazense alerts the carer, the carer knows with certainty that it’s a situation that needs their attention.

On top of all that, eazense logs all data for compliance. Analysis of past data helps to inform and limit the risk of future falls, providing residents with an optimal level of care.

The eazense unit can detect presence as well as falls without the need for a wearable device. Unlike traditional falls monitoring systems, the radar is powerful enough to penetrate the walls of an ensuite, meaning high falls risk areas such as the bathroom are covered.

Not only that, but the eazense is also free from loose cables that create trip hazards, which can so often be a problem with many other falls detection systems.

Aged care workers are busy enough without having to respond to multiple false alarms per day, which is why it makes sense to make the switch to eazense. 

Where can you buy an eazense system

If you’re interested in supporting your aged care workers with eazense, we offer an obligation free demo of the system. Simply send us an email and let us know you’re interested in learning more. Someone from the friendly SOFIHUB team will be in contact to outline the next steps.