The Key Features to Look For in A Falls Detection Sensor

Falls can have huge consequences for our older population, which is why falls detection sensors are becoming increasingly popular as an aged care alert system in residential facilities.

In a typical aged care facility with 80 beds, over 400 falls are likely to happen in a year alone. Of that number, approximately two thirds of the falls are not detected or documented. 

Implementing a falls detection sensor in aged care will ensure that elderly people who do fall, receive care promptly. Falls detection sensors can help to minimise the consequences of a fall and improve outcomes. 

But not all falls detection sensors are accurate or effective. In this article, we’ll outline the key features to look for before investing in a falls detection sensor. 

Real-time falls detection 

Almost all falls detection sensors claim to offer real-time falls detection. However, certain types of falls detection sensors such as wearable devices, mattress sensors and floor sensor mats are prone to triggering false alarms. 

By choosing a falls detection sensor that contains radar sensor technology powered by AI, you can be sure that you have genuine real-time falls detection

Compliance is a huge factor in any aged care or residential facility, however, traditional falls detection products do not include this in their offering.

By choosing a fall detection system, you can reduce staff workload because the unit automatically logs data for compliance. More importantly, analysis of past data helps to inform and limit the risk of future falls.

Covers high-risk areas such as bathrooms 

Another feature to look for when choosing a falls detection system is whether or not the system covers high fall risk areas like bathrooms. When choosing a system, you’ll want to make sure that the radar is capable of penetrating the walls of an ensuite – so that if a fall occurs in the bathroom the system will be alerted. The radar feature also enables carers to respect the patients’ right to privacy, due to not using cameras.

Minimizes false alarms 

Aged care workers have enough to do in a day without having to respond to false alarms triggered by inferior falls detection systems. By choosing a high-quality system, you can increase employee productivity and ease staff workload. 

Free from tripping hazards 

Many fall detection systems come with excess cables that end up becoming fall hazards in themselves, but the eazense system overcomes this issue. 

Sitting in the upper corner of a room, the TEQ-FallsAlert is free from cables and trip hazards which can so often be a problem with many falls detection systems.

Make the switch to TEQ-FallsAlert today

Aged care alert systems are an important tool to help deliver better quality of care to our elderly population. Before investing in a falls detection system, make sure it has all of the above-mentioned features. 

If you’d like to find out more about the TEQ-FallsAlert, you can request an obligation free demo from SOFIHUB or purchase directly online