How a falls detection radar can provide complete solutions for retirement villages

The health and wellbeing of residents is a top priority for most retirement villages. And with the advancements of assisted living technology in recent years, you might be exploring new options to improve standards of care at your retirement living facility.

Unfortunately, most monitoring solutions only provide a partial solution to falls management. That is until now. The falls detection radar by SOFIHUB offers a complete solution for retirement villages. In this article, we’ll outline the possibilities and ways you might consider implementing a falls detection radar into your retirement living village.

Communal areas in retirement villages

Most retirement villages provide some communal facilities. Shared spaces may include meeting rooms, libraries, dining rooms and shower rooms for pools. But these areas can pose safety hazards and may cause accidents, particularly for residents who have issues with mobility.

Falls detection radars are designed to meet the challenges of communal retirement living environments. With powerful AI-radar technology, SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar can detect falls and provide real-time alerts to retirement village staff who can then administer immediate aid.

This assisted living technology can monitor up to 4 people in a room at a time and covers risky areas such as bathrooms or shower rooms.

Implementing falls detection radars in the communal areas of your retirement village is a great way to enhance safety for residents and add an extra layer of value to your retirement village.

Offer falls detection as an optional extra service for residents

You may also want to consider offering a falls monitoring system to prospective new residents. Most people will shop around when considering moving into retirement living and it’s no secret that safety and security is a top priority for most older people and their families.

Those who aren’t steady on their feet or have a higher risk of falls may wish to install a falls detection radar into their living areas to provide extra peace of mind to their families. If a fall is detected by the radar, retirement village staff will be able to attend to the resident promptly to give care.

Offering this additional service could be the difference between a new resident opting for your retirement village over your competitors.

Empower retirement village staff to respond quickly

With SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar you can be confident that every alert received by staff is genuine. Unlike traditional monitoring systems, SOFIHUB’s radar minmises false alarms and provides accurate falls detection.

This saves your retirement village staff time from responding to false alarms. With SOFIHUB’s radar, when the alarm is activated they will know it is a genuine call for help and be able to respond quickly to administer appropriate care.

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As a retirement living provider, you can’t afford to rely on single solutions. Enhance resident care with a complete solution that provides better safety and security for all your residents.

SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar is a superior falls monitoring system that provides accurate information and real-time alerts. It can be implemented in both shared spaces as well as individual resident housing.

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