Advancing the standard of care in retirement villages with assisted living technologies

Retirement villages offer residents independence when they want it and help when they need it. But when it comes to retirement living, no two villages are alike so the standard of care can vary between them.

Advancing the standard of care in retirement villages is important. These days, our expectations of care have never been higher. Older people are attracted to retirement villages because they offer an added layer of care, safety and security along with a high level of independence.  However, the level of independence that retirement living provides, also poses risks and threats to the client’s care, safety and security.

That’s why retirement villages should consider implementing more assisted living technologies such as TEQ-Secure that address and minimise these risks. This article will explain why.

What are the risks to the safety and security of village residents?

As residents of retirement villages age and decline in health, they may lose some cognitive function which may affect their memory and day-to-day abilities, such as recalling their way back to their unit or back to the retirement village from the shops. Some residents experiencing cognitive decline may also wander; leaving the premises and be unable to find their way back.

Falls or injuries within retirement village units is also a risk. It is of particular concern to the resident and their family members. The fear is that the resident may not be able to access help or support if no one inside the village premises is notified of the incident.

These safety concerns are often considerations that families and residents contemplate when choosing a retirement village.  These concerns can sometimes lead to residents leaving retirement villages in favour of the higher level of monitoring and security offered by other villages or residential aged care facilities.

What is TEQ-Secure?

TEQ-Secure is a lightweight, easy-to-use safety pendant that can issue an emergency SMS to multiple people at the touch of a button. Equipped with global positioning and mobile network technology, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enable immediate voice contact via a built-in speaker phone.

Personal safety alarms like the TEQ-Secure provide the retirement village and its residents with a reliable monitoring system that helps guarantee their safety and security. It provides peace of mind to the residents and their loved ones, whilst also allowing the residents to maintain their independence.

What are the benefits to retirement villages?

The safety and security offered by retirement villages to residents are some of the key considerations for both potential residents as well as their families.

By integrating the TEQ-Secure safety pendants into their care and monitoring, the retirement village will be able to use the GPS and mobile network technology to easily and promptly locate any residents who wander or go missing.

Residents who suffer a fall or need assistance will be able to alert the resident village staff and/or family members at a touch of a button. This allows them to respond quickly and minimise the risk of any further adverse effects on the person at-risk.

Some of the features of the TEQ-Secure safety pendants include;

  • An SOS button and fall detection
  • 2-way voice calls
  • Location tracking in real-time
  • Nationwide connectivity
  • Ability to list up to 10 emergency contacts
  • Fully waterproof

Improving the level of safety, care and monitoring through use of TEQ-Secure, will offer greater peace of mind and security to both residents and their families, which could impact resident admissions and support long term retention of residents who may otherwise exit the villages for residential aged care or transfer to other villages with better monitoring programs.

Find out more about TEQ-Secure and how it can enhance the standard of care in retirement villages

Are you interested in learning more about the TEQ-Secure safety pendants and how they could integrate into retirement living to raise the standard of care and monitoring?

Resident safety and security are top priorities for those who are looking to move into retirement living.  By implementing a personal safety system like TEQ-Secure, you can offer your retirement village residents a better experience and a higher standard of care.

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