Improving the standard of living in retirement villages with Assisted Living Technologies

Enhancing the standard of living in retirement villages is a top priority for most providers, and implementing assisted living technologies is one way to elevate care effectively.

Most older people want to live independently for as long as possible, and assisted living technologies enable residents to ask for help when they need it without being intrusive to their daily routine.

As residents age the risk of falls and other adverse events increases, but assisted living technologies can help to enhance care with a complete safety ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll explore how assisted living technology can improve the standard of living in your retirement village.

An introduction to assisted living technology

Assisted living technologies fall under the umbrella of telehealth (which most of us are familiar with now) and telecare.

Telecare products include falls monitoring systems, safety pendants, and other weable devices. These products are designed to provide additional support for older people, without being an obtrusive interruption to their daily lives.

Products such as SOFIHUB’s TEQ-Secure and falls detection radar provide an extra layer of safety for residents, and allow carers to respond quickly if a resident suffers a fall or gets lost after leaving a retirement village.

These technologies are not designed to replace in-person care, but rather complement it, while allowing retirement living residents to maintain their autonomy for as long as possible.

Examples of assisted living technology

SOFIHUB offers a suite of products that create a complete safety ecosystem for residents of retirement villages.


TEQ-Secure is a personal safety alarm that allows wearers to call for help if needed and tracks location via mobile network technology. By integrating the TEQ-Secure safety pendants, you’ll be able to quickly locate any residents who go missing or need immediate assistance via the GPS system.

Some of the other features of TEQ-Secure include:

  • SOS button
  • Falls detection
  • 2-way voice calls
  • Real time location tracking with GPS
  • Nationwide connectivity
  • Fully waterproof

The safety and security offered by retirement villages are one of the key attractions for both potential residents as well as their families, so offering the TEQ-Secure safety pendant to prospective residents creates a point of difference between your retirement villageyou’re your competitors.

Falls detection radar

SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar is a complete solution for falls management. Unlike traditional falls monitoring systems, this radar minimises false alarms and provides real-time alerts to staff when a fall occurs. This system could be implemented in communal areas of your retirement village or offered as an additional service to prospective residents to provide peace of mind to family members.

Here are a few of the other benefits of SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar:

  • Eliminate false alarms from traditional monitoring
  • Improved response times for critical incidents
  • Industry leading radar technology powered with AI
  • Penetrates walls to cover high risk areas such as bathrooms
  • No wearables, cables or trip hazards
  • Respects privacy and dignity – uses radar not cameras

Enhance the standard of living at your retirement village

If you’d like to provide a superior standard of care to your retirement living residents, consider implementing assisted living technologies such as TEQ-Secure and SOFIHUB’s falls detection radar in your retirement village.

To find out what’s possible and learn more about these products, you can request a free demo by clicking here.