Elderly Fall Alarm Products for in Home Use

Creating a Home to Prevent Against Falls and Injuries

Elderly Fall Alarm Products for in Home Use

Around one out of four adults over the age of 65 will end up injured in a fall each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of these incidents will take place in a senior’s own home, highlighting the need for better strategies for protection in the home environment.

According to CBS News medical correspondent, Dr. LaPook, a few simple changes around the home can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting loved ones against falls. This is crucial when you consider the fact that in 2017, emergency departments treated 3 million injuries from falling among older adults, including hip fractures, cuts, and head trauma.

Everything from memory aid devices for the elderly to better railing support around the home can make your senior’s living situation a lot safer.

Protecting Elderly Individuals Against Falls

While a lot of younger people will recover quickly from a fall in their home, a simple trip can sometimes have a huge impact on the quality of life for seniors, causing problems like broken bones and serious pain. Something simple and smart like, a SOFIHUB beacon could be enough for individuals to get the help they need quickly if an accident or fall ever does occur.

Additionally, family members could look into adding more safety features into areas where accidents happen most often. For instance, removing a lower area on the side of a tub to create a walk-in bath can stop seniors from having to climb in and out of tubs. Homes can also be equipped with bars and toilet seats with raised armrests that older adults can use to balance themselves when using the toilet.

Removing Risk Areas

Keeping seniors safe as they continue to maintain their independence in old age can be easier than it seems. From devices that older individuals can use to keep their family alerted to their safety when they’re on the move like the SOFIHUB travel, to solutions for safer living like the SOFIHUB secure, there are plenty of technology innovations out that that can transform the lives of people all across Australia. Memory aid devices for the elderly and personal alarm systems for seniors can help to keep risks to an absolute minimum.

Additionally, sometimes all family members need to do to make their loved ones more secure and protected is think about the areas where risks are more likely to be significant and cut down on those threats. For instance, all stairs need to have banisters to help with balance, and decorative rugs are often best removed from the home as they can cause a tripping hazard.

At the same time, the CDC recommends combining renovations in the home, personal alarm systems for seniors and other innovations with regular exercises to strengthen the bones and muscles. Older adults can reduce the impact of falls and other accidents on their health by getting regular exercise that helps to combat the increasing brittleness of the bones as we age.