What to Look for When Buying Aged Care Personal Alarms during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic has seen an unprecedented number of countries (including Australia) go into lockdown with people confined to their homes in a forced quarantine. 

The situation is exceptionally hard for everybody, not least for the elderly who live in care homes or their homes and depend on caregivers to take care of them. 

The WHO has also advised caregivers and others to avoid seniors as they can easily contract the Coronavirus. Keeping distance from the elderly keeps them safe and reduces the risk of them contracting COVID-19. 

In a Global Pandemic, Aged Care Personal Alarms Are Offering Peace of Mind

It is hard to be at peace at a time like this, knowing that an elderly parent or loved one is at a high risk of catching the Coronavirus and developing COVID-19-related complications. The good news is that you can now easily monitor the wellbeing, health, and progress of your senior relative using aged care personal alarms from SOFIHUB.

Aged care personal alarms are smart devices used to alert caregivers when something goes amiss with a loved one under supervision. These devices also serve to keep the caregiver, and their charge connected continuously.

A device such as the SOFIHUB Beacon is helping to improve the care given to seniors, especially during this social distancing pandemic era. 

These devices are also user-friendly, easy to operate, light to carry, and waterproof. 

By using the aged care personal alarms, caregivers can receive;

  • SOS notifications on anything from a fall, lack of movement, or physical danger to the loved one
  • Call the senior under care or allow them to call you directly from the device
  • Access the user’s GPS location

The Importance of Aged-Care Personal Alarms for the Elderly during COVID-19

COVID-19 has initiated lockdown procedures in many countries, which has resulted in personal visitations to aged-care facilities or seniors’ homes are forbidden. 

These stipulations present many complications, as the elderly need regular in-person visits to keep their spirits up and prevent them from falling into depression. While some seniors may understand the situation and cope quite well, others may not get past not seeing their child or favourite grandchild and succumb to low moods due to the isolation of it all. 

Purchasing aged-care personal alarms mitigate these challenges, ensuring g that both caregiver and charge are still in contact despite the situation. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Aged Care Alarm Devices

When buying an aged-care personal alarm, you need to consider several factors to ensure that it is up to the job. SOFIHUB personal alarms have all these features to help support the care of your loved one. 

These include: 

Accessible Activation System

Purchase a gadget that will not frustrate the user while calling for help or when set off by accident. 

A device with an activation system that is easy to operate during an emergency will make the elderly user feel more secure and have peace of mind.

Durability and Water Proof Capability

Most seniors have now begun to embrace the use of technology for emergencies. Research shows that every 11 seconds, an older adult is rushed to the hospital due to an injury or a fall.

Ensure that you get a device that is resistant to damage during a fall and one that the user does not have to remove every time they have a shower.

24-Hour Monitor

A useful device is one that has a direct connection with the emergency contact and keeps track of the user’s activities at all times. 

Online and Offline GPS Location Capability

Knowing where the pendant user is at all times, even in a place with inadequate network coverage enables the monitoring team to understand their whereabouts in an emergency and respond quickly.

Reliable Power Source

A reliable power source is crucial when it comes to personal care alarms. Alarm gadgets are usually rechargeable, but having one with an extra battery or with a long-lasting battery can save you on a rainy day.

Back-up Features

Components such as flashlights and whistles come in handy when the elderly are in a place with no power, or to help them call for attention when the device fails to function.

Aged Care Personal Alarms

Aging parents are experiencing a higher risk of falling sick, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Having no visitors for prolonged periods is also incredibly depressing for both the caregiver and the aging parent. But with the use of aged-care personal alarms, both parties can get to feel secure and gain some comfort as these devices allow you to keep in touch. 

Tools such as SOFIHUB Beacon and SOFIHUB Home provide you and your elderly charge the much-needed peace of mind to navigate this disorienting pandemic. 

SOFIHUB has also put in place, COVID-19-proof procedures to ensure that you can shop remotely for your device and have it delivered to your home, without the need for you to visit us in person. For more information on how you can get a hold of an aged-care personal alarm, call us at 1300 110 366 or contact us on the website.