How Aged Care Technology Is Helping the Aged to Live Better

How Aged Care Technology Is Helping the Aged to Live Better

Aged care technology is proving to be essential in managing the lives of the elderly and people living with disabilities in assisted living facilities, hospitals, and private homes. 

Most seniors are now open to the idea of incorporating technology into their everyday routine to help them lead more independent lives and stay in their homes for longer. Aged care technology also improves in-home care and treatment from a distance, especially as Australian senior’s population is rapidly growing and with the current stranglehold on availability of hospital beds due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Residential care solutions such as the SOFIHUB Home offer some of the best smart health solutions around, providing the best digital health care technology that is affordable and effective when caring for the elderly or people living with disabilities.  

So, how are these new technologies that health care providers adopting helping the elderly and people living with disabilities? In this post, we examine the possibilities and look at how these technologies have changed the health provision landscape. 

The Benefits of Embracing Technology to Help Seniors & People with Disabilities to Live Better

Across Australia, aged care providers are trying out new technology that leverages AI, machine learning and the internet of things. These systems use artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify when an older adult under care is likely to have a health incident such as fall, heart problem, or mental distress. 

For instance, Victorian health and aged care provider Mansfield District Hospital is has incorporated ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) into its care provision systems at Binadree Retirement Centre and Buckland House Nursing Home.

Mansfield District Hospital CEO Cameron Butler stated that his organisation was looking to significantly reduce the number of falls among its clients using this technology. So far, the technology has halved the number of residents at risk of having a fall.

In areas where accessing health care services is a challenging, remote monitoring means patients can reach care providers with ease no matter how far they are. Apart from providing peace of mind, such technology also saves lives as it reduces response times, which could mean the difference between a patient living or dying. 

The anxiety of not knowing your elderly loved one’s location is also eliminated. Aged care technology such as the SOFIHUB Beacon helps to track the exact whereabouts of a person under care and allows for direct speech both ways should the person need assistance. 

And the advantages don’t stop there; other benefits of this technology include: 

  • Enabling preventative health by catching any dangerous health trends early
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Lowering mental stress
  • Lowering the cost of care
  • Improving health services access and analysis
  • Improving health data collection that helps to inform decision making 
  • Engaging your elderly loved one in the management of their health and care

Health Care Providers in Australia Are Now Embracing These Technologies to Improve Patient Care

The Department of Health and the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) recently sent its CARE IT Survey to all registered Commonwealth-funded aged and community care providers in Australia. 

The survey aims to find out the overall level of technology use in health provider organisations, and highlight any gaps, restrictions and limitations, as well as explore opportunities for innovation.

“We encourage all service providers to participate in this in-depth survey”, Dr Margelis from ACIITC stated. “The outcomes of this project will inform future strategic directions of the care industry.”

As we wait for the results of the survey sue in June 2020, there’s no denying that aged care technology, has changed the landscape of care provision. It has allowed responders to act quickly and in good time, avoiding further health complications to people under care caused by any delays.         

Health tech companies like SOFIHUB are already helping health care providers to manage the care of their patients, making it easier to diagnose and treat patients in the comfort of their home.

Final Thoughts 

Without technology, we wouldn’t have the privileges that aged care technology currently offers. 

Aged care technology like the SOFIHUB Beacon and SOFIHUB Home have revolutionised health care, improving the lives of older adults and helping them to live more comfortably in their preferred environments.  

At SOFIHUB, we can help you help your loved one by incorporating aged care technology into their everyday lives. Contact us today to get a free consultation.