Best Personal Alarm System for the Elderly

Best Personal Alarm System for the Elderly

Australia’s older population is expected to double by the year 2057. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, as of 2017, one-in-seven people was a senior over 65 years of age

The current wave of the Coronavirus global pandemic puts the older generation at considerable risk. 

COVID-19 is proving to be fatal to the elderly – especially those with underlying health issues. Therefore, health institutions and caregivers must incorporate modern automation in their caregiving services to see that the elderly stay healthy and cared for, albeit from a distance but with the use of advanced technology.

Personal alarm systems for the elderly are devices worn around the wrist, neck, or as motion sensors placed in different parts of the house. They monitor the movements and activities of a person and make caring for a senior easier for family and caregivers. If you have a family member who is elderly, has chronic medical conditions, or is living with a disability, getting them an alarm system is the best thing you can do for them- especially during this challenging COVID-19 era. 

There is a need for personal alarm systems with older adults needing home care at the comfort of their homes. At SOFIHUB, we have the best-rated multicomponent technologies that help in improving the lives of the elderly at home.

What Are The Best Personal Alarm Systems For Seniors?

The SOFIHUB Home Device

SOFIHUB personal reminders for seniors and people living with a disability are installed in a central part of the home. They come with eight motion sensors, all placed in different areas of the house to monitor and record movement. When an older adult falls in the absence of a caregiver, SOFIHUB home devices send an SOS to a monitoring centre and registered emergency contacts instantly. 

Key Features
  • Automatically send alerts to a monitoring centre or saved emergency contacts 
  • Allow users to customise an SMS to send in the form of a voice note at a selected time
  • Feature tailor-made reminders that include doctors’ appointments, medicine times, sleeping and eating times, as well as other essential reminders 

The SOFIHUB Beacon

SOFIHUB Beacons are personal device systems for the elderly – mostly worn as pendants around the neck or wrist. These alarm devices consist of an easy-to-press panic button that sends an SOS to a monitoring centre or chosen family members or caregivers. 

Key Features
  • Two-way communication that enables you to call your elderly and vice versa, at any given time
  • Accessible through 3G/4G network 
  • Comfortable, light, and stylish to wear 
  • Waterproof and fall-proof for longevity and durability

5 Advantages of Using SOFIHUB Smart Home Devices

  • They come to the rescue whenever there is a life-threatening incident such as a home invasion, forgotten gas or electric cooker, fire, or medical condition.
  • Studies show that not all hospital admissions are necessary, and most of them can be treated at home. The virtual connections on these devices can call for a doctor or nurse to treat common colds or touches of flu at home.
  • If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, or any other condition that leads to forgetfulness, you can locate them using the GPS locators fitted in the alarm device, as well as call them to speak and reassure them at their location. 
  • You can get your family member immediate help in case of an emergency or abuse both at home and away.
  • Getting your loved one an alarm system is one way of assuring them that they are not alone. It is an excellent way of letting them live an independent life without the fear of the unknown troubling them. They live with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when they need you, all they have to do is press that button, and you’ll be able to assist them.

Final Thoughts

Senior family members require special care, attention, and love. As caregivers and family, it can get overwhelming not knowing if your elderly family member is OK. Technology is making things manageable for all the parties involved – the caregiver, family members, and the aging senior.

Majority of aging parents wish to continue living in their home rather than move to an assisted living facility. As a family member, you can help fulfil the desire by getting the best personal alarm systems for the elderly. The SOFIHUB Beacon and SOFIHUB Home devices from SOFIHUB are easy to use and maintain, and allow you to communicate and locate your loved one at all times. 

To find out how we can customise and install these handy care devices for you, get in touch with SOFIHUB today. We love hearing from you, too, so please leave us a message online or talk to us in the comments section below.