How a Uniquely Featured Safety Pendant Called the Sofihub Beacon Is Changing Lives

Medical Safety Pendant

Every year, the number of falls for people 65 and older keep increasing. Without a medical safety pendant, older adults risk being left incapacitated after a fall.

Healthdirect, a national public health information service in Australia, found that 1 in 3 Australians experienced a fall in the past year. Falls are caused by balance problems, weaker muscles, and poorer eyesight as people get older.

However, the risk of falling doesn’t have to go without a solution. A uniquely featured medical safety pendant called the SOFIHUB beacon is changing older people’s lives.

The Risk of Falling

Though the perception of risk can be very personal, one area tends to unite everyone’s views—the thought of a loved one falling.

In Queensland, an 80-year-old woman slipped in her bathroom and laid undiscovered for nearly a week. Since she broke her hip, she had no way to get back up. After falling, she feared for her life until police officers heard her calls and came to the rescue. Luckily, she was found, and she is now back at home. However, this is not an isolated incident.

A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) found that 37% of all deaths in Australia were caused by falls. What’s more, falls were the leading cause of hospitalisation by 41%. Falls are a significant health concern for older adults as they can cause hip, thigh, and head injuries.

The Solution: A Medical Safety Pendant

The thought that someone could fall, becoming debilitated, and undiscovered for days is a preeminent concern. Assistive technology such as medical safety pendants can help make a difference to those in need. Preventive care also provides enhanced peace of mind for the loved ones of older people.

SOS Button & Fall Sensor

The SOFIHUB beacon is a medical safety pendant with an SOS button and fall detection. When activated, the beacon sends a text message to your emergency contact. After the emergency text is dispatched, a 2-way voice call is initiated. There can be up to 10 emergency contacts, in case someone does not respond.

Charging Reminders & Waterproofing

The SOFIHUB beacon comes with a charging cradle and gives audible voice reminders to charge and wear the device. Since it’s waterproof, it can be worn in the shower and rain. There’s no reason to take off the SOFIHUB beacon, so the user will always be protected.

GPS Tracking

Through geofencing, the medical safety pendant can designate safe areas for the user to go. Whenever the user goes in or out of those safety parameters, the emergency contact is also notified. Google maps allow the user to be found immediately in case an accident happens outside of the home.

Find Out More

SOFIHUB’s beacon comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied. We will also set up, deliver, and install the SIM card for the beacon device.

If you have any questions about our medical safety pendant, please reach out to us at 1300 110 366 or visit today.