How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Help People With a Condition

How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Help People with a Condition

With a personal safety alarm, people can get the assistance they need to live safely and peacefully. Personal safety alarms are ideal for people living with a particular condition or disorder such as epilepsy, anxiety, or PTSD.

With a personal alarm like the SOFIHUB Beacon, someone experiencing an event like a panic attack can get help immediately. They won’t be stuck alone in their homes since they can get help with the press of a button.

Case Study: Michael and Helen

Many customers have found solace in using SOFIHUB’s personal safety alarm. For example, a younger couple, Helen and Michael, have embraced the SOFIHUB beacon device. It serves as extra support to Michael, who has epilepsy.

Living with Epilepsy

Michael is completely abled-bodied, so he doesn’t necessarily need the SOFIHUB beacon to support him in his day-to-day life. The multiple benefits, such as fall detection, of the SOFIHUB beacon, have undoubtedly helped the couple feel supported and independent at the same time.

Living out in regional NSW means that Helen and Michael are relatively isolated from a broader, supportive community. Although medication keeps his condition at bay for most of the time, certain activities could cause concern.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

For example, when he leaves the house for exercise or takes the dog for a walk, his wife Helen is worried that something may trigger an incident that could leave him without a way to call for help.

Thanks to the inbuilt accelerometer and back end system built into the SOFIHUB beacon, the personal safety alarm sends an alert SMS and then swiftly calls Helen in the event of an issue. In this way, the family has peace of mind and the extra level of support they need.

How the SOFIHUB beacon Works

The SOFIHUB Beacon is straightforward to use and technologically advanced. In just a few steps, someone dealing with a life-threatening emergency can get the help they need.

  1. Press the SOS button on the device.
  2. The device automatically sends an SMS message to the first emergency contact.
  3. The device follows up the SMS message with a two-way phone call to the first emergency contact.
  4. If the first contact doesn’t answer, the device automatically calls the second.
  5. The Beacon acts as a mobile device, and the person on the other end can communicate with them and send help.

Live Location Updates

Even in day-to-day life, the personal safety alarm can provide peace of mind. Through the connected app, loved ones can see the user’s live location, as well as the last known location. If someone is living with a disorder or condition, they can live independently thanks to this device.

Smart Charging Cradle

The SOFIHUB Beacon also features a charging cradle which reminds the user to wear and charge the device. Through spoken word reminders, the user won’t forget to keep their personal safety alarm close to them.

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