Personal Safety Alarms for Older Adults

Personal Safety Alarms for Older Adults

If you’re an older adult or have an older adult in your life who lives alone, personal safety alarms can help everyone feel safer. You will never need to feel alone again with the SOFIHUB beacon, a multi-functional safety pendant.

Personal safety alarms let you get help at the touch of a button if an accident or fall happens in the home. These devices help older people stay independent for longer and feel more secure at home. It also allows friends and family to have peace of mind. In this article, we’ll discuss the many impressive features of the SOFIHUB beacon.

Fall Detection

As we get older, the chances of falling increase. Unfortunately, fall detection is one of the most common reasons for hospital visits from older adults in Australia. The SOFIHUB beacon’s fall detector follows the same procedure as when the SOS button is touched.

The built-in motion sensor will detect that someone has had a fall, then begin the call with the emergency contacts. As long as the user wears their personal safety alarm every day, they can always feel reassured that they won’t be left stranded after a fall.

One-Touch SOS button

With the simple touch of the side button, you can initiate a non-alert two-way voice call with a nominated carer. The one-touch SOS button for emergency calls sends a text message to the assigned contact.

After the user touches the button, the device initiates two-way voice contact with the first emergency contact. If there’s no answer, it moves on to second and third contact. When someone answers, the user has immediate voice contact with the built-in speakerphone. This allows you to keep in communication at all times.

GPS Capabilities

The lightweight and easy to use SOFIHUB beacon also has built-in global positioning & mobile locating. The live GPS location is shown via the live portal app. The online portal shows the user’s live location status and location history.

Carers can also create location boundaries, which is useful for older adults with dementia. If the user goes out of the ‘safe’ areas, the device will call the emergency contacts to let them know what’s happening.

Costs of a Personal Safety Alarm

With the SOFIHUB beacon, you’ll want to be connected to a 4G network. The beacon comes with an internal SIM card that always stays on. There is a recurring $25 per month charge for the data and voice usage.

The equipment fee for a personal safety alarm can vary depending on the device. For the SOFIHUB beacon, the device costs $300, but there is no monitoring fee or equipment setup fee. With other personal safety equipment, the monitoring fee can cost anywhere from $120 to $200 per year.

The SOFIHUB beacon takes a personal, more comfortable approach to safety than other personal safety alarms. Instead of an organisation being called, a family member or loved one is notified after a fall. Family members and loved ones can also use the SOFIHUB online portal to get live location updates for better peace of mind.

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